Module Configuration

module Configuration: sig .. end
This module defines the contents of a configuration file.

type value = 
| Identifier of string (*An identifier value.*)
| Integer of int (*An integer value.*)
| Float of float (*A float value.*)
| String of string (*A string value, unescaped.*)
| And of value * value (*v1 && v2*)
| Or of value * value (*v1 || v2*)
The type of property values.
type section = {
   name :Name.t; (*Section name.*)
   elements :(string * value) list; (*Key, value assocation list of section properties.*)
The type of a configuration section.
type t = section list 
The type of configuration file contents.
exception Exception of int * string
Exception to be raised if file loading fails. The first parameter is the line of the error, while the second parameter is a short description of the error.