Module Tree

module Tree: sig .. end
This module is responsible for the management of loggers, stored in a tree.

type logger_info = {
   name :Name.t; (*Logger name.*)
   level :Level.t; (*Logger level, filtering events with a greater level.*)
   filter :Filter.t lazy_t; (*Logger filter, selecting events to record.*)
   layout :Layout.t lazy_t; (*Logger layout, defining how events are recorded.*)
   mode :Mode.t; (*Logger mode, defining when events are recorded.*)
   output :Output.impl lazy_t; (*Logger output, defining where events are recorded.*)
The type of loggers.
val register_logger : logger_info -> unit
Registers the passed logger, making it able to receive events.
val get_loggers : Name.t -> (Name.t * logger_info list) list
Returns the list of all loggers that may receive an event initially sent to the loggers whose name is passed. Each element of the returned list is a (n, l) couple where all loggers appearing in l are guaranteed to have a name equal to n.
val make_node : Name.t -> unit
Creates a node for holding loggers whose name is passed. Node are automatically created by calls to either register_logger, or get_loggers, hence calling make_node only performs the node creation earlier.